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Developer: Tmesis Studio Based in Turin, Italy.
Founding date: 2021.
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Team & Repeating Collaborators:
Developer and Audio/Game Designer: Federico Chiummento (aka Builders Labs).
Graphics designer/Game designer: Zeno Colangelo.
Sound designer: Guglielmo Diana (aka Sado).
Dubbing Director and Voice Actor: Andrea Attadio .


Tmesis Studio is a micro game design studio based in Turin, Italy. Founded in 2021 by Federico Chiummento (aka Builders Labs) and Zeno Colangelo.
Tmesis Studio's aim to combine artworks and gimmicks from comic world with animations and depth from video games world to obtain a new, deeply immersive, narrative concept.
Our inspirations range from sci-fi and pop to classical literature and contemporary art, to strive and stand out stylistically and continue the tradition of Italian design.


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